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In the most basic terms, sod can be referred to as the turf of grass and the portion of soil underneath it which is held together by roots or a portion of thin material. Home depot sod is mainly grown over specialist farms and is mostly grown local within 100 miles of the targeted market and this is done to achieve reduced cost during transportation and to decrease the risk of harm to the products. The farms producing such grass can have a variety of grass growth at a single location to best meet the applications of the consumer and preference of form.

A few sod farms are known for exporting turf internationally which adds to the benefit of soil less sod which leads to a light travel. Another added advantage is that as the sod is not grown in soil, it is not required to wash the sod clean of soil to the bare roots and thus reducing the span of time required for transporting the sod.


Cultivation of Home depot Sod

Harvesting of sod usually takes place within ten to eighteen months of plantation depending on the growth in the climate during the period for which it was cultivated. Followed by plantation, it undergoes treatments with fertilizers, frequent watering, regular moving and consequent vacuuming which assists in removing clippings.

Finally, the process of harvesting occur using specialized equipment to implement precision cut to homogeneous sizes. Harvesting of sod takes place in the form of small slabs of square shape, rolled rectangles or large rolls which are approximate 4 feet wide. A more advanced method for sod cultivation involves a hydroponic method.

Advantages that Know no Bound

There are various advantages and applications that are associated with using sod.

a)    Sod finds vast use in lawns for adding beautiful landscaping.

b)    Sod finds vast use on golf courses as well as sports stadium for making the ground ideal for playing sports such as cricket and golf.

c)    Landscapers find vast use of sod for beautifying the residential yards

d)    Even home owners & home builders have shown a keen inclination towards sod as it can be utilized in establishing a lawn quickly.

e)    The main advantage of sod due to which it has gained popularity is to avoid soil erosion and as it is not required to wash sod clean of soil before transportation.

f)    Sod is quite famous for providing easy repairs to un-patched areas of land or the areas of fields or stadiums that have died.

Sod Installation Needs proper Implementation

There are various techniques used for employing proper Home Depot Sod installation and within a short span of time the place that is barren would transform into a green, well leveled piece of land. To ensure that things work out smoothly, an efficient water irrigation system is required in place so that the sod comes out well. All kinds of sods require huge chunk of water for the first month after installation, and the water level gradually reduces as the sod starts firming up.